About Us

Jolie is a self manufactured local brand established early 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Created by two young talents, Stefani Tan and Fanny Tjandra, Jolie is directed to be the breakthrough brand that values fun and freshness delivered through every collection.
Each season will carry independent theme and items are presented exclusively in one limited time period. Jolie values limitations in our product numbers aligning with our attempt of maintaining customer’s satisfaction. Every item is produced using series of premium materials, carefully manufactured by well-experienced tailors, and delivered by trustworthy and service oriented teams before it reaches our valuable customer.
As an independent local brand, Jolie values authenticity in all designs we offer to public. In daily basis, we aim to deliver our client the best shopping experience in every aspect we offer. Years from now, we strive to create a culture that influences the way modern ladies dress up, which will display more of a personalized feminine beauty.