SASC Effortless Brow Definer – Caramel

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-triangular brow pencil that comes with a spoolie for
– angled tip for easy use
-comes in four shades suitable for all skintone: Charcoal, Ash Brown, Caramel, and Walnut
– add dimensions into brows
– fills any gaps in your brows
-It protracts and retracts, no sharpener is required.
-used to fill and give definition to your brows.
-create hair-like strokes
– create naturally looking brows
– super fast and easy to use
– easy to use on the go
– all you need for your brows
– easy to handle

How To Use:
To add definition to your brows, hold the Effortless Brow Definer with the triangular
brow pencil facing down at a 90 degree angle, start with filling the arch with
the most pressure and slowly decreasing pressure adding strokes on your brows
inwards towards the nose. Remember to blend after adding strokes.