About Us

Jolie Clothing is a self-manufactured local brand that was established on early 2014 in Jakarta. It is directed to be the breakthrough brand that values fun and freshness delivered through every collection. Every item is produced using series of curated materials, carefully manufactured by well-experienced tailors, and delivered by trustworthy and service oriented teams before it reaches our valuable customer. Our major wish is to make our customers feel and look pretty when they are wearing our clothing piece.


Fanny Tjandra

Hi There! I’m Fanny Tjandra, Jolie’s numerical lady. I’m everyone’s last resort and I’m beyond happy to be one. I took credit when I maintain a good relationship with all of you, and knowing that everything went well is my daily goal. I’m the one you would seek when you inquire about a product or question about a strategic partnership venture if you keen to know further. Jolie for me is like my 24 hours, when I can witness my awakening passions come alive. I love dealing with people, I love to see beautiful piece Jolie continuously creates, and the utmost important, I love to see you being well presented in our clothes. Though fashion is dynamic, I believe beauty needs to be represented is in a classical and captivating ladylike way. Jolie and the ladies for me is like an exquisite jewelry, when the women serve the role as the irresistible gems which shines in their own, and our clothes enchance their beauty paired up in perfect way. I’m thankful for all your endless support for this brand, and altogether with Jolie, I’m looking forward to bring more surprises in the future.

Stefani Tan

Holla! I’m Stefani Tan, more known as Jolie’s Chief Designer. You can refer me as the right brain from creative department. I’m the mother of all drawings and product developments.That one person in charge for everything related to art and style. I have a clear definite taste and I’m seeking for a total perfection in my creation. I’ve been this passionate about creating a breakthrough in how a modern lady should dress up since I was in high school. Apart from that old school uniformity, I keep in mind up to now, that there is no harm in being different, especially when style is individualistic. It will be a long road, as I’m aiming about introducing a lifestyle since Jolie’s first establishment. I’m enjoying my role here, because I take delights in educating women to understand that every dress comes from a long road that will take them to a longer journey. A Jolie lady for me is a confident one, one who embraces her personal style; that woman knows her taste and wouldn’t settle for just a typical outfit. Always expect more from me, I wouldn’t deliver you any less.


Jolie Clothing