Free shipping over IDR 1,500,000 . Ship worldwide . Free exchange after 7 days . Made to order and ready to wear
Free shipping over IDR 1,500,000 . Ship worldwide . Free exchange after 7 days . Made to order and ready to wear
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Terms and Conditions


It is highly important for you to read the Terms and Conditions below and make sure that you understand them before placing any order with us.
Jolie has the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Therefore, please check our Terms and Condition page every time you are placing any order with us. By placing an order, you are confirming your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.
If you do not accept the following Terms and Conditions, it is advised to not use this website.

Enjoy the stress-free and hassle-free shopping experience by signing up! By signing up, you will be the first to know about our latest updates. Moreover, you will also be eligible for exclusive website promotions. When you are signing up, we will collect your personal details (name, email, address, mobile phone number, and so on). You are responsible for maintaining and accurately updating your account. Furthermore, Jolie strives on making sure that your information is protected according to account security standards.

Each registration is valid for a single user only. Jolie does not permit and not liable for any risks of sharing user name and password with multiple users.
When you are signing up with us, you will gain access to our member privileges. Not only you are now eligible for future website promotions, you can also shop efficiently. Registered customers do not need to fill in their details over and over again for every transaction made in our website.
There are also features where the registered customers can manage their account, update their address, reviewing the process of their order, and the tracking number. All details recorded are protected and will not be shared to any third party. So, what are you waiting for? Sign in now!

Don’t worry. Click on the ‘Forgotten my password?’ and follow its easy step-by-step instructions.


Any order in the website can be placed under the condition that the particular items are still available to be purchased. Please note that as most of our items are limited and in high demand, it is highly important for you to check out as soon as possible in order to secure your purchase. Your shopping cart’s list does NOT represent a reserved list, as the final availability of your desired item will be checked upon check out step. Customers are not allowed to reserve any of our items under any circumstances.
Furthermore, when you have completed the check out process, the system would not allow you to make any changes to the items in your shopping cart. Therefore, in one occasion where you want to avoid double shipping fees due to additional item, you will need to create a new order again. Once again, we remind you that we cannot guarantee all the items availability.

In regards to pricing, Jolie uses Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and other main currencies. Due to various reasons, prices are subject to change without prior notice.
International customers are allowed to pay via Bank Transfer (IDR). However, for your convenience, it is recommended for international customers to pay in US$ via PayPal as we have the fixed price list in US$ currency. Please note that the customers do not have any right to change the foreign exchange transaction rates. Please contact your local custom authority for any custom and tax expenses details.

Jolie has the right to cancel your order when we cannot obtain the authorization for your payment due to various reasons, namely, different account holder’s name, incomplete payment, etc.
Jolie also has the right to cancel your order when there are system fails/errors and your desired goods are actually not available. A full refund will be made to reimburse the failed transaction described.

Jolie has made every effort to precisely display the colors of the items on the website. However, we cannot guarantee that your media’s (computer, laptop, mobile phones, etc) screen reflect the colors of the items accurately.

Payment via Bank Transfer can be made through Bank Central Asia (BCA) and Bank Mandiri. Complete your payment process by confirming your payment by clicking on the ‘CONFIRM PAYMENT’ link at our website in order to finalize your transaction. Confirm payment should be made strictly after you have transferred the total amount into our account. Make sure that you have your order ID ready with you in order to complete the process.
In addition, we also accept payment via Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard – through DOKU WALLET) and PayPal. Please skip on the Confirm Payment step if you pay using Credit Card.

Payment should be made strictly in 36 (thirty six) hours after checking out. An invoice containing the details of your order will be automatically sent to your email. Any failure to transfer or confirm your payment within the time period may result in automatic order expiration. Thus, we cannot guarantee the availability of the item of your previous order.

BCA: 4072755000 (a.n Jolie Karya Internasional)

Please note that there may be some changes with our bank account details too. Therefore, it’s best that you check our bank account details first prior of funds transmissions.

Read more on our Returns Policy at ‘Return & Exchange’ section. There is no pick up service for any return & exchange items. Customers are responsible to arrange the mode of transport and any cost incurred for returning the item.

Returned items should be received by Jolie in its original condition sent to the customers – new, unused, unwashed, and with all tags still attached. Jolie will not accept any returns that are damaged, soiled, or altered. Furthermore, Jolie has the right to return the unaccepted items back to the customers.

Unless otherwise noted, the intellectual property rights of our website (including without limitation the software, all HTML, and codes) remains our property and prohibited for any public or commercial use. The contents, including any trademarks, graphics, logos, photographs, image rights, video, or text, may not be used without Jolie’s written consent. You are also not allowed to reproduce, copy, and modify any content of this website. Please contact us at if you wish to use any of our content for editorial purposes.

Although Jolie has implemented all reasonable efforts in order to create a website with minimal errors, inaccuracies, or interruptions. However, we cannot guarantee that all of the website’s contents, including all functional systems are without any error, inaccuracies, and virus-free. It is important that all website users have their anti-virus and network security system updated. Jolie guarantees that we will try our best in making sure that the content of our website is fully accurate, complete, and up-to-date. If you encounter any technical difficulty or any error, please contact us

This website or any portion of this website is expressly prohibited for any commercial or business use without prior Jolie written consent. Thus, the reproduction, duplication, distribution, publication, modification or sale by any person of this website or any content of this website is strictly prohibited.

By using this website, you are liable for any website activities and are bound to our Terms and Conditions, regardless of whether you are registered with us or only visiting our website. Jolie has the right to immediately terminate your membership, participation in our promotion program, and our website access, without prior notice if we suspected and found any prohibited activities or violations of our Terms and Conditions. Furthermore this termination may be on temporary or permanent basis. On the other hand, you also have the right to terminate your membership at any time for any reason.
Jolie will not be held liable for any losses or damages due to failure or any delay in performance caused by shipping company or any events outside of our control (Force Majeure Event). We will fully compensate your losses IF there is a breach of Terms and Conditions from our side.

You agree to compensate Jolie fully, defend and hold us, Jolie (including directors and employees) harmless from and against all damages, claims, liabilities, losses, and costs (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising out of any breach of the Terms and Conditions during this website usage by you or any other person using your registration details.

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