Hi, Ladies!

Jolie’s beauty blog is now back. And today we will bring you the latest beauty trend for Spring/Summer 2017! You can start saving up, so when the trends are in, you’re ready to go!
1. The 80s

It’s all about retro throwback! The key point to this retro look is, blush which is applied in the temple, and is as bright as your lip! Brands that are spotted applying this look is Kenzo and Chanel. So, start investing in the brightest MAC pigment you can find!
You might want to try this…
MAC Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle
2. Plait-Fever!
Plaits appeared in countless forms on the spring/summer 2017 catwalks. If you’re a romantic, try Valentino’s fairytale-length braids. A tomboy? Dior’s plaited buns should do the trick. Or an Eighties girl? See Simone Rocha’s perky pigtails or Kenzo’s looped braids. Believe me, there’s a plait to suit everyone!
3. Lipstick as Blush (and sometimes eyeshadow as well!)

One way to cut budget on your makeup is to use your lipstick as a blush! Be ready to embrace it, cos apparently it’s not just an excuse to save some more penny anymore, but it is now a trend in the fashion week! Designers’ favorite? A shade that is present in all four cities, a natural rosy glow! NARS’ Kiss Me Stupid Lipstick is on your next to-buy list – though unfortunately it won’t be available until February 2017!

(For your temporary substitute) You might want to try this…
NARS’s Semi-Matte Lipstick in Morocco.
4. Ear-game!

With the explosion of enormous earrings onto the fashion scene, it was inevitable that ears got paid some attention too. Most brands, including Gucci and Delpozo, styled their models’ hair back to show the grand ear jewelry! Time to get pierced, Ladies!