Hello, Ladies!

With all the fashion weeks happening all around the world, and we have covered New York, Paris, Milan, and London on our Belle vol. 11, now it is the call for the rising fashionista city, Seoul. If you are up to what your favorite K-drama actors and idols will be wearing for the next season, this article is perfect for you! Here, we have listed TOP 7 ultimate pieces that are most likely to be the next big thing!
1. Oversized Denim Jackets

Ripped or not, this piece will accentuate your ordinary t-shirt and jeans day.
2. Team Caps or Team Ferret?

The edgy sport style, or the Parisian chic? Either or, they are all the new fashion statement and to hide your bad hair day, as well! Make your choice now!
3. Vibrant Outerwears

Electric blue color, leopard or floral prints! Be fun, make your bold statement, and dare to be different!
4. Two Sides of Everything

Just like a coin, which has two sides, so does your dress! It will double your awesomeness!
5. Leather, and more leather!

Rocker-chic look made easy. The timeless must-have item to turn up a notch on your edginess.
6. Label Overdose

While some may or may not like it, but we LOVE it! It’s loud and major, the perfect street-look for the millennials.

7. Statement T-shirt

Emblazoned either on your chest or your back, your favorite brand, statement slogan or just a good-laugh sentences… streetwear is just all about statement!!