We would like to dedicate this week blog to Jolie’s grand opening at Intro, Surabaya. Intro itself is Surabaya’s hippest place that wishes to create a live magazine concept in form of a real venue. We were so thrilled and grateful by the enthusiasm that Jolie has been receiving on the grand opening day, which was on May 3rd, 2017.
Surabaya has been one of our dearest cities and Jolie has always feel loved in this city. On the opening day, we were also excited for meeting and personally greeting the beautiful influencers of this lovely city, namely Stefani Gabriela, Nora Annora, Julia Setiawan, Wulan Wu, Uciflowdea, Michmevi, Foneke, Valerie Johanna Adrian, Laniranceli, Samantha Bowlin, Valen Amijo,  Esther Gracia Santoso, Lily Stephanie, Stephanie Gunawan, Brigitta Mw, Margenie Winarti, Didi, Michelle Harsono, Amanda Kohar, Sherly Octavia, Elza Angkadjaja, Ineke widjaya, Levina Faby, Katherin Laksmana, and last but not least, Amelia Gonta.
They are not only stunningly gorgeous, but they are so friendly and have a lovely bonding with Jolie as a brand. This bonding is shown by how they represent the image of our brand. Jolie as a brand is a brand that caters to a diverse group of Jolie ladies, to name a few, we have Amelia Gonta, the doctor, the beauty blogger – Katherin Laksmana, and the cover girl – Levina Faby. They represent our diverse and urban Jolie ladies that are excelling in their own fields and stay fashionable.
On this occasion, we also would like to mention our great vendors that made that day memorable, thank you for the significant synergy between Jolie and our supporting vendors. First and foremost, Intro (@intro_id @introstyle_id) for the great venue, video by @benprasetyatan, photo by, amazing decoration by @wondereedecoration, and not forgetting the delicious canapes & sweet bites by @kitchalicious. In addition, our beautiful Jolie ladies were bringing home goodie bags filled by lovely goods from @miracle_surabaya, @lashtiqueid,, and vouchers from @kitchalicious,,, and @cheatbowl.
Despite our deep attachment with Surabaya, sadly Jolie at Intro will only be available until July 2nd, 2017. This is aligned with our 2017 promises that we would like to greet Jolie ladies in different cities too. Yes, we hear you ladies. So, Surabaya ladies, we really hope that you cherish this moment. Note that Intro has the special privilege on showcasing our newest items from the current new arrival. Furthermore, if you are an Intro loyalty card holder, you can get 10% discount when you buy two Jolie items. So ladies what are you waiting for? Visit us as we cannot wait to see you.



Brigitta MW (@brigittamw) in Chenier Lace Dress – Lady Michaela Faustine (@ladyfaustine) in Naomi Tribal Dress

Michelle Harsono (@michelleharsono) in Vert Dress

Julia Setiawan (@juliasetiawan) in Kobler Lace Jumpsuit

Jessica Loelianto (@jessicaloelianto) in Portia Lace Dress

Stephanie Gunawan (@stephaniegunawan2310) in Benne Jumpsuit – Nora Annora (@noraannora) in Cherish Culotte Jumpsuit

Didi (@dianyapola) in Kerr Frill Dress

Katherine Laksmana (@katherinlakz) in Adley Top + Velda Pocket Skort

Stefani Tan (@stefanitan) in Tash Lace Dress, Fanny Tjandra (@tjandrafanny) in Zadie Dress

Samantha Bowlin (@samanthabowlinn) in Zuri Polkadot Dress

Valen Amijo (@valenamijo) in Oria Lace Top in Black – Lily Stephanie (@lilystephaniee) in Bella Lace Dress

Foneke (@f.o.n.e.k.e) in Percival Lace Top + Velda Pocket Skort

Amanda Kohar (@amandakohar) in Willy Fringe Dress

Elza Angkadjaja (@elzaangkadjaja) in Kiko Ruffle Top + Chastain Pants

Lisa Gunawan (@gunawanlisa) in Rhys Dress

Margenie Winarti (@margenie_mg) in Dalton Lace Dress

Ineke Widjaya (@inekewidjaya) in Corryanne Coat Dress

Esther Gracia Santoso (@esthergracia) in Palermo Lace Top + Vera Frill Culottes

Amelia Gonta (@amegonta) in Leith Lace Top

Valerie Johanna (@valerie_johanna) in Anna Sophia Coat Dress – Bellinda Kuntara (@dhharu) in Dorien Fringe Dress

Uciflowdea (@uciflowdea) in Adley Top +Vera Frill Culottes

Stefani Gabriela (@stefanigabriela) in Oria Lace Top Ivory

Michmevi (@michmevi) in Hessina Top + Lusko Skirt

Levina Faby (@levinafaby) in Eleya Ruffle Dress

Laniranceli (@laniranceli) in Jenna Bow Dress

Wulan Wu (@wulanwu) in Tanya Lace Dress

Sherly Octavia (@sheroctavia) in Darz Ruffle Jumpsuit