Hello, Ladies!

With Christmas is just around the corner, we are expecting joyful celebration with our loved ones and merrier holiday trip! With Christmas festivities in mind, we are gladly welcoming our next collection which will grace your wardrobe soon, Le Trésor.
Unlocking our most luxurious collection, the grand entrance of Le Trésor celebrates and signifies the shift for the new season of fashion art of bold palette and statement prints. Jolie has been continually investing our time and creative mind in experimenting and appreciating the new shift in life, just like how the nature gently transforms its beauty according to the season theme. Through Le Trésor, we would like to welcome you with our love spell. Be ready to be captivated by our signature romantic twist!
Derived from a French word, the word Le Trésor means the treasure. In particular, this collection is mainly inspired by the beauty of copper. This red orange metal has also known as a precious element and has been used for currency as far back as the Ancient Rome era. The importance of copper showcases and relates to how Jolie as a brand treasures our beautiful clientele, which is you.
Le Trésor is a collection with fashionable twist and greets you with a new elevated Jolie’s fashion aspect. The darker shade of green reminds us of the last look of a leaf before the first day of Fall and how it is slowly turning into frost, covered by blanket of snow on Winter. The bronzy hue evokes the memory of sighting the golden maple leaves on your doorstep.
Have a play dates with our signature of dainty and romantic white laces selection that are perfect for your magical moments. Moreover, find the aerial flowy silhouettes that sing the sentimental soft breeze of Fall season. Don’t you just wish that time would stop stand still for us to treasure each other deeper with Le Trésor?

Coming to our website soon.
Have a jolly holiday, ladies!