The election might be over, but not Hillary’s awesome clothing style! From time to time, we have collaged the former Secretary of State’s most memorable looks – from headbands and scrunchies to those famous pantsuits – and every looks she dons along the campaign trail.
1. The Trophy Jacket

Hillary’s secret weapon has been the trophy jacket. Her team of advisors have come up with the perfect formula, a long jacket with a round neck and no collar, that sits below the hip. No fuss, no frills = no mistakes. It’s Hillary’s version of 80s power dressing, minus the shoulder pads. They look authoritative, professional and business like – her message is loud and clear.

2. The Statement Trousers

It seems simple, but it’s a statement that Hillary reinforces every time she wears them. She may be a woman in a man’s world, but she’s the one wearing the trousers. Cross her at your own peril.

3. Color Coding

Any image expert will tell you what an important part colour plays when it comes to people’s perceptions of you.

Especially when it comes to making first impressions.

Hillary’s boring monochrome suits of yesteryear have been replaced with strong, bold colours. In the last weeks, we’ve seen her in fuchsia pink, turquoise and red.

On the contrary of the colorful suits she has been wearing, the decision to wear a white Ralph Lauren trouser suit to the presidential debate last month was no mistake. It was a deliberate ploy to engage an existing audience. It said: “Listen to me, don’t look at me, LISTEN to what I am saying!”

4. Statement Accessories

One of the biggest style updates for Hillary has been the use of accessories. Her team of stylists have added Mikimoto pearls, Chanel pins, silk neck scarves and necklaces by Marco Bicego, Joan Hornig and Robert Lee Morris.

Timeless and classic pieces that enhance her simple tailored looks and show she has her finger on the pulse. The result is a look that’s much more pulled together, oozing confidence and radiating self-assurance.

5. Fancy, but sensible, footwork

Hillary’s campaign trail footwear has consisted of low-heeled Manolo Blahnik pumps. Simple and stylish. The message: this lady means business and is ready to roll her sleeves up and get to work. She’s not letting a pair of uncomfortable stilettos get in her way – while still being representable and fashionable.

6. The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup

Hillary is 69. It’s a quite high number, honestly saying. But what does make her looks more youthful and energetic? A simple makeup is the key! Hillary is rumored to have makeup artist Barbara Lacy on her team, and there’s no contrasting opinion disputing her better-than-ever look. It’s all about the no makeup look, and while she’s wearing more makeup than ever, it is not noticeable. The result is a more modern and refreshed looking Hillary.

7. Age-defying Hair
The perfect blonde hair color that flatters her skin tone, added with some golden highlights to emphasize younger and more youthful look. Hillary has never gone out with a single hair out since she hit the campaign trail. After all, who is going to trust people with dodgy hair style?