Welcome to the first chapter of Jolie 2016.
Jolie starts off by inviting you to the highly anticipated capsule collection that we titled Rouge. It is a collection where Jolie explores the wonderful Chinese classical beauty. From time to time, Chinese New Year has always been identical with the color red. The color red itself is well known as a color that represents good fortunes and joy. However, Jolie with its signature twist delivers a new inducing and extravagant palette in this Chinese New Year.
Inspired by the freshness of spring and best wishes for the new year, Rouge flaunts the colors of prestigious gold, tender and warming blue, and prosperous orange.  Rouge is a collection that breathes freshness and modernity spin without eliminating the identity of classical Chinese design. Rouge stays faithful to the Chinese aesthetic tailor. These are shown by the qipao inspired silhouette and endearing mandarin collar accent.
Lastly, Jolie wishes you a significant year ahead and we love to start strong the year with you.

1. Rouge

Bordeux Dress – Bordeaux Dress – An alluring qipao inspired crimson red dress with modern scalloped twist. Additionally, Rouge also brings fresh era of culturally inspired design by introducing the beautiful curated tweed materials or flattering flare design. These adorable twists on your wardrobe selection have been exquisitely created in hope for our Jolie ladies to have a great start in this new yea

2. Ardent

Ardent is a French word that resembles passion and blaze. Find the mystical yet bold charismatic gems that characterized by the choice of color scheme and design. Be enchanted with the sweetness of a lady by embracing the lovely lace and soft tone. Ardent is all about encompassing all spectrum of beautiful creation called woman and Jolie promised to walk together with you in many journey and adventures to come.
Iggy Dress – Welcoming the one and only dress that cheers “summer, I’m in love”.
Macy Lace Dress – They say white is her favorite color and lace flatters her. She is a fairytale comes true.

 3. Allure / Lumière / Amour / Fleur

Amour, Lumiere, Fleur, and Allure are Jolie’s 3rd Collection of the year, which are divided into four small collections which have their own distinct charm.
Allure Collection, celebrates the concept of being stylish. It has been our utmost interest for our ladies to stand out in the crowd, no matter where they are or what profession they have.
Lumière, represents glow or stroke of light. In this collection, Jolie broke the fashion paradigm, where the collections are ruled by seasonal factors and associated with the typical and predictable color chart, with a classic white and paster pieces.
Amour, a collection that means love and allowing you to take insights on the meaning of love through Jolie’s eyes. Collection after collection, love is the token that propels us in being passionate and having full belief in what Jolie is currently pursuing. Love is the belief that you entrusted us in meeting your expectation on our excellence tailoring.
Fleur, highlights on the most fine of God’s wonders, which is flower. Recognizing its delicate nature and aligned with its personal charm, it has been our sincere interest to showcase every single of your beauty, persona, and uniqueness. Through this collection, Jolie wants our precious ladies to believe and realize on their true beauty and value.

Alexa Blazer Dress – No one says that you cannot turn your business meeting into a fashion runway. This versatile piece is the key!

Kezia Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit – A jumpsuit that embodies pursuit of an absolute beauty in casual elegance.
Alice Top and Sofia Amour Skirt – Good news! Now you have a good reason to be wearing a playfully fashionable mustache top. Pair it with an A-line skirt with irresistible heart pocket details to double the cuteness!
Thalia Dress – A simple bespoke dress with ethereal charm devoted for the feminine persona.
4. La Belle Vie
La Belle Vie is a French phrase that means the good life. It is not a secret that most of us wish for a live of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Despite real life’s situation and expectations, Jolie does recognize this inner glowing wish of yours.
‘La Belle Vie’ is a sweet, bubbly collection that evokes endless adorable charms. Additionally, even though it is a delicate collection, it is also an empowering collection that states that dressing up is an attitude and a art of living.  Also, Jolie believes the key to a good life is dressing up like one. It is a way for you to display appreciation and love to yourself. It is also a venue for you to deliver your respect and grateful feeling for the life that you are blessed with. So, are you ready for ‘La Belle Vie’?
Giselle Lace Dress: A modest dress with functional pockets that designed to highlight this season’s most luxurious lace.
Rounn Set – Pack yourself a lovely Roun sets, the rise of a pastel skirt that embraces subtle romance and noting feminine flair, a secret to a sweet youthful look.
5. La Grande Vie
Every individual is unique and gifted with personalized quality and interest. We are called for and blessed with greatness. Thus, that particular notion has inspired Jolie with ‘La Grande Vie’ Collection. ‘La Grande Vie’ itself is a French phrase that highlights a big or a spacious life. It simply denotes about being extraordinary.
‘La Grande Vie’ Collection understands 21st century and contemporary ladies’ needs and wants. Modern ladies will not settle for less because they believe that they are significant. ‘La Grande Vie’ is a strong and charismatic collection with signature Jolie’s femininity and classical romance flair. It is a collection that allows you to transform your ‘average’ looks and drawing people’s attention.
Marion Fringe Top and Melrose Fringe Skirt – Find yourself dangerously falling in love with this beautiful, next level display on urban style of flirty elegance, a must own set of this season.
Francia Daisy Dress – A flower affair inspired dress that delivers fantasy and fashion for monochrome enthusiasts.
6. La Gloire
After gracing your fashion sphere with numerous breathtaking collections, Jolie is confidently unveiling our latest and significant collection, namely La Gloire, which is an established French phrase that signifies glory. Beyond everything, La Gloire is a glorious collection that is exceptionally designed to celebrate the wonderful milestone of Jolie’s new distinguished season.
Yui Dress – You’ll never want to miss out on this masterpiece! A bespoke white dress made of curated textured material with figure-hugging silhouette and finished with black accent bow detail.
Vivianne Pocket Dress – Eyes on the pockets! Who can say no to an angelic dress with a touch of fashionable yet functional drama of oversized pockets.
7. Terre
Inspired by the earth’s grandeur and floral splendor, Terre 2016 introduces you to a different shade of Jolie. It highlights that just like the earth, beauty blooms from within, which is an idea that is deeply attached to Jolie’s essence. With Terre 2016, we plays with the soothing colors of the earth tones. It encourages you to capture the beauty of modest sandy beige, dusty charcoal, desert brown and floral delicateness, which also allows you to explore the fluidity and the ethereal feature of the curated sheer and light fabrics.

Heidi Dress – For your lovely occasion, look no further than this angelic white dress that’s adorned with mesmerizing lace top and adorable balloon long sleeves.

Earl Vest Dress – Formal business attire that recognizes your inner girliness behind the strong, charismatic, and successful lady.

8. Le Tresor
Unlocking our most luxurious collection, Le Trésor, which celebrates and signifies the shift for the new season of fashion art of bold palette and statement prints.
With Le Trésor, there are numerous breathtaking surprises that are completely different from our previous collection. Starting from the remarkable print patterns to your beyond imagination structural design, Le Trésor is a collection with fashionable twist and greets you with a new elevated Jolie’s fashion aspect. Don’t you just wish that time would stop stand still for us to treasure each other deeper with Le Trésor?
Constance Tribal Dress – A visual fashion treat of bold Mexican’s festivity embedded on a contemporary simple dress.
Marant Dress – Delicate, yet strong! A mesmerizing dress with sleek design that evokes a sense of nostalgia and oversized fluid ribbon for a dramatic statement.
9. La Sainte Chapelle
Jolie is celebrating the most festive season of the year with a collection that brought Jolie to a new height, namely La Sainte Chapelle. The grandeur of La Sainte Chapelle ignites our imagination of celebrating Christmas in Paris while listening to the angelic Christmas carols. Hence, this collection of La Sainte Chapelle is leaning towards the effortless Parisian dressing note, where less is more and mainly focusing on neutral or black color, tailored outfit.
Jude Dress – A playful spin of polka dots frills on the must-have little black dress, because modern ladies won’t settle for a boring fashion must-have.
Thea Lace Dress – Look forward for some color statement! Jolie’s iconic off-the-shoulder dress that features gorgeous floral lace in bold fuchsia color.