After the busy month of festivity, we untangle the next early chapter of the year that still upholds the unwrapped mysteries of Spring. Within this chapter, the nature blooms and human beings breath newness in everything that they touch and imagine. We named this chapter as Serein 2017. Serein derived from a French word that means serene.

The word serene echoes woman’s highest quality and highlights woman’s inner gentle strength to her surrounding. Furthermore, being serene is the state of being calm, peaceful, and clear. Thus, on this peaceful day of one fine Spring, we are daydreaming of a calm weather with gentle breeze of wind. Spring holds a special place in our heart and it is actually Jolie’s favorite season as we can be ourselves in enjoying the season. We are mesmerized by the blossoming flowers, the warm embrace of the bronze sunlight, and the moment when rain is no longer sweeping our favorite daylight.

By stating that we can be ourselves this season, Serein 2017 dares you to notice the fashionable apron as the currently trending accessories for your favorite bottom essentials. Moreover, Spring with its grandeur blooming colors is also a cheerful season of hope. Therefore, we would like to celebrate with vibrant color and playful colorblocking with our curated pieces. In addition, in order to cope with daily challenges, we would like to empower your gentle strength with power dressing of perfectly tailored jumpsuit and blazers.

Last but not least, Serein 2017 is a momentous collection that marks our third year of serving our precious ladies with the beautiful intention of “I am Jolie”, where each one of our ladies feel pretty from the inside out. It has been our utmost desire to dress you confidently, meeting, and understanding your fashion needs. Our third year is not the year of complacency, but we have renewed our commitment to be your closets’ best friend. Cheers to the more Springs to come and we promise that we will still be the Jolie that makes you feel “Jolie”.