Hello, Ladies!

With all of the red carpet awards season almost over, the celebrities just elevated their look for their one last award party to attend. Everything just look prettier, more glamorous, and fancier! Despite the Best Picture chaos that made felt all kind of emotions, this post is just to see the dresses all the beautiful actress rocked on. Keep reading on this post to know about which celebs we picked as the best dressed!
Note that little blue ribbon in all of your favorite actress’ dress?
Apparently it was a form of their support to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) campaign against Trump. Some few celebs pin it on her dress to show support, some don’t. However, it was a great night!
1. Sofia Boutella
This lady left quite a big impressions in the red carpet. For anyone who does not know who she is, she is playing in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service and the latest series of The Mummy. Last night, she rocked the red carpet wearing a Chanel Haute Couture dress and fine jewelry from Chanel as well. Why we liked it, you say? First off, her makeup is very fresh, not too much, not too little, just perfect. And that nude lipstick… ugh, super gorgeous! Then, the dress she is wearing completely refined her body line, and it compliments her sexy tan skin tone as well. We just simply love it!
2. Emma Stone
Surprise, surprise! *sarcastic tone*
I guess it is not something new to see Emma Stone in the best dressed list, everywhere. She always dressed 11/10. Beyond expectations, and always with new styles. This time round, she wore a golden dress from Givenchy Haute Couture. It has very nice details of sparkles and fringes, which reminds us of the classic 80s ladies. And for the other little details, she rocked red lips with Tiffany & Co. jewelry, to complete her look.
P.S. her hair is sooooo.. perfect! <3
3. Karlie Kloss
Yes, she is always on our list! Karlie Kloss rocked the red carpet with a great contrast, wearing her all white long dress with cape details. The dress she wore was from Stella McCartney, and she was carrying a Roger Vivier clutch. Also, that attention grabbing necklace was from Nirav Modi. We wondered why did she wore so many blings when she was already shining on her own?
4. Taraji P. Henson
This is utterly timeless glamour, from the major jewels to the flawless fit. It all comes together for a look that’s going to be on every single best-dressed list, and with good reason. The Oscar nominated ‘Hidden Figures’ was wearing a va-va-voom black dress from Alberta Ferretti paired with diamons, as a classic duo. It’s amazing. We’re still sputtering, frankly. Words can’t capture it!
5. Brie Larson
Oscar de la Renta is another brand that changed creative directors recently, and this is an excellent re-entry into the red-carpet realm. It’s dramatic without veering into corny, and striking without being too showy. In short, Brie looks like the Major Movie Star she is. She wore a very simple black dress, but with an extreme details of ruffles on the bottom part. Now we all believe that simplicity is truly the best policy.
So that was it, Ladies, for our best picks! It was super hard for us to choose, but we had a lot of fun making this article. Hope you do too while reading this.
Have a nice day ahead!